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A small group of volunteers make birthday cards to resell. Please collect your used cards and pass them on to Anne M for recycling and if you know of any suitable outlets that can sell cards, let us know.

For example, a local hairdresser in Almondsbury has regular customers for our


John F Needs your contributions for Penstrokes before 24th November

If you have any articles about a your holidays, hobbies, family, funny events, recipes, things you enjoy (or not), in fact anything you think others may like to read about, please send them in. If you are not confident in putting your story on paper we can help.

The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre offer an ‘Oxygen Treatment’ that may have benefits for those who have suffered a stroke.

To find out more, contact:

The West of England MS Therapy Centre

Bradbury House Clinic

Wheatfield Drive

Bradley Stoke

Bristol BS32 9DB


Web site:

Message from Meg Walden

Stamp Collection, Once again a very big thank you to everyone who

 managed to save their used stamps over the last few months. I intend passing on future collections to the Thornbury LIONS who are a very special bunch of kind hearted people and who will make very good use of the money.

May I politely remind you that each stamp needs to have a good border around it, possibly 1/4” as stamps with damaged edges are of no value. If trimming is awkward for you, no problem, just tear a patch off the envelope and I will do the rest.