Thornbury & District       Stroke Support Group

Registered Charity No. 1129777  

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Who Are We ?

Being a Member

Find out more about who we are, what we can do for those who have suffered a stroke and the rewards of becoming a volunteer.

We aim to:


We currently have 56 active members who are supported by 60 volunteers.

As an example of what we do, current membership of our activity groups is:

Art                     22 members supported by 17 volunteers

Bowls                   9 members supported by 13 volunteers

Swimming           22 members supported by 26 volunteers

Group meetings   42 members supported by 22 volunteers

This does not include summer outings and an annual holiday!

About us

We are a registered charity and are financially self supporting. We are affiliated to the Stroke Association which means we have to meet certain standards and in return we benefit from being kept up to date on stroke matters and by having access to professional help and advice.


The group is made up of members who have suffered from the effects of a stroke and dedicated volunteers who organise meetings and activities, provide transport, mentoring and one-to-one support where needed. A board of trustees decide such items as policy, finance, health and safety and make sure the group is able to meet its aims and objectives in a professional manner and in compliance with legislation.

The group provides help to those who have suffered a stroke to cope with their disabilities and regain their confidence and self-esteem by providing support and group activities. These activities include swimming, art, indoor bowls, outings and social gatherings.