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We have put in place the things we said we would  now but just as the situation with the Coronavirus crisis changes rapidly, we are prepared to change too. The document outlining what we are doing that was on this page has been moved to here.

Some useful links & information

Running the engine with the car stationary for 5 - 10 minutes should be enough to replace the power         used to start the engine and top it up so it is ready for next time.

If you do this, sit in the car, a running car with keys in the ignition is an open invitation to a car              thief!

       Leaving the car running like this might not be good for the environment but I am sure we can be               excused just now.

Sunflower Lanyards _Southmead Hospital

Supporting people with hidden disabilities To better meet the needs of people in the hospital with hidden disabilities, we will soon be launching the Sunflower scheme.

Patients, visitors and colleagues will be able to pick up and display the Sunflower image (left) that will help us all identify if they need extra support.

Hidden disabilities can include autism, epilepsy, mental health, sensory processing, MS, partial sight and hearing loss.

Sunflower badges, lanyards and wristbands, funded by donations to Southmead Hospital Charity, will be available for free alongside training and guidance on making reasonable adjustments.

In the meantime, from tomorrow our Movemakers will be handing out Sunflower stickers to patients attending the Brunel building who aren’t able to wear a surgical mask in the hospital.

If you see a patient with a Sunflower sticker who is not wearing a surgical mask, please assume this is because they are not able to and do not challenge them.